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Shubham Gill on His Talks with Kohli and How he Keeps the Youngsters Motivated

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Tuesday, 25th May 2021

Shubham Gill, who made his debut in test cricket during the 2020-21 Test series against Australia and came out one of the top scorers for India during the historic tour. His contribution to the runs table with 91 runs played a key role in getting the country to the top.

Ever since that striking performance, Shubham has not been exhibiting his best side and put up extremely low scores in the series against England. In the recently postponed season of the Indian Premier League also, Shubham was not a high scorer batsman for his team the Kolkata Knight Riders.

Gill, in a recent talk has revealed the way team captain Virat Kohli talks to them about his own experiences and keeps the youngsters motivated.

Gill said, “Whenever we talk to Virat bhai, he always tries to motivate us and says that as a youngster we can play fearlessly and on our free will. Mostly the talk is about mindset. Whenever I feel that I am not in a good frame of mind I talk to him, he always motivates me and shares his own experiences, of being a youngster in the team, with me.”

Kohli’s aggression on the field is legendary as corroborated by pacer Mohammad Shami last week when he said, “Fast bowlers are very aggressive, both old and new. But the one player who could probably emulate their aggression is our own captain!”

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Gill also talked about his conversations with senior player Rohit Sharma and how their conversation predominantly revolves around cricket and the ways they attack the opposite side.

“Yes, whenever I am batting with Rohit bhai, we talk about where a particular bowler can bowl, where he is looking to get us out, what the situation is, whether we should not take any risk or if we are set, where should we try to attack, etc,” said Gill.

About their stellar performance against Australia, Shubham said the team confidence is high having displayed some glorious cricket there.

“Yes, we had a great performance in Australia and we are doing very well in away tours for the past few years. So, our confidence is very high and we feel we can't be better prepared for this final,”

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