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Thursday, 27th May 2021

The business capital of Mumbai is known for its maddening crowds, traffic snarls, concrete high rises, and its glitz and glamour. But do you also know that Mumbai has many green spaces within the cityscape? These green spaces within Mumbai strike a balance between nature, technology, and modernity. The city also features a very rich ecosystem consisting of wetlands, mangroves, and creeks. If the drab and mundane city life of Mumbai gets on your nerve, you can consider visiting any of the outdoor green pockets within Mumbai…read on:


Maharashtra Nature Park

Maharashtra Nature Park, previously referred to as the Mahim Nature Park was previously a garbage dumping ground. It was later transformed into a scenic forest park in the heart of the city. This transformation took place in the year 1994 and is home to over 12000 trees. You can enjoy greenery and lots of fresh air at this place which is located at Dharavi’s edge. This place is a fond place for avid bird watchers. The park can be reached by means of public transport. The place is ideal for a visit during the weekends.


Raj Bhavan

This green belt is just at Malabar Hills’ tip and stands for the state governor’s official residence. The area sprawls across 50 acres and is encircled by sea on its three sides. An extensive range of fauna and flora can found in this park. The Raj Bhavan green belt isn’t open for common visitors. However, the sylvan forests within the Bhavan campus may still be explored through a guided wildlife tour.

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Dadar Shivaji Park

This is a centrally located green patch in the city. The park is known for presenting some of the iconic landmarks of the city. The park houses south Mumbai’s largest open playgrounds and also other myriad sporting facilities like a football pitch and a tennis court too.  The park has an interesting location…it is situated on the Dadar Chowpatty Beach and that makes it a major street food hub of Mumbai. The park also offers mesmerizing views of the setting sun. Thus, being at the park can fill both your heart and your tummy!


Sanjay Gandhi National Park

The area of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park is backed by a long enough history dating back to the 4th century BC. Today it is one of the most popular parks in the whole of the world. It is an important park in the midst of a metropolis area. The park receives the footfall of nearly 2 million visitors on average. People visiting the park are drawn towards the extensive range of fauna and flora they get to see at the park. The Kanheri Caves carved out of rocky cliffs are located within the park premises and are a significant crowd puller.


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