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Microsoft Launches New Platform That Helps Write Code Using Regular Language

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Friday, 28th May 2021

Microsoft has announced on Tuesday, the inception of a low-code programming tool that allows users to write codes without intrinsic knowledge of coding.

This is the software giant’s first product that it has launched in partnership with artificial intelligence research company OpenAI. The collaboration was announced in 2020 and Microsoft has used OpenAI’s Generative Pre-Trained Transformer-3 (GPT-3) AI model, one of the most sophisticated natural language AI models that exist in the world today.

As per Microsoft, this new innovation will easily allow, users, to write what they want with the help of simple English, or natural language. The AI will in turn generate codes in Power Fx which is an open-source low-code programming language developed by Microsoft.

The company illustrated this with the help of an example wherein the user wrote “show me, customers, from the US whose subscription expired” and automatically had the relevant codes displayed. Microsoft also added that the codes will come with a description of the way they function.

In a blog post, Microsoft said, “By fine-tuning GPT-3 to understand how Power Fx formulas are constructed, we can leverage the model’s existing strengths in natural language input to give Power Apps makers the ability to describe logic just like they would to a friend or co-worker and end up with the right formula for their app.”

They added that this was not all that they had to offer. They are also “infusing Ideas with the ability to ‘program by example’ using AI technology known as Program Synthesis using Examples (PROSE). Want to manipulate the way names show up in a gallery to show just each person’s last initial instead of their full name? Now you’ll be able to just show Power Apps a single example, like ‘Samantha B.’, and Ideas will suggest the right formula for transforming every string in the gallery.”

Although this does not exactly imply that this platform can be immediately put to use to write any and every code including the complex ones, it is definitely a step in that direction. In its current form, it is at best an auto-complete for platforms that need limited coding knowledge, for instance, it can aid in writing formulae inside Excel, which although is simple, could prove a daunting task to many.

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