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Hackers Have Been Stealing Data from iPhones for Years Now- Recent Discovery Shows

A recent finding talks about the stealing of important data from iPhones by hackers…learn more…

Tuesday, 1st June 2021

Apple Inc. is finally on its way to closing a big gap that, according to a security firm, may have had billions of iPhones and iPad exposed to the threat of getting hacked.


The bug was discovered by San Francisco-based mobile security forensics company, ZecOps. The firm stumbled upon this discovery when it was conducting an investigation on a high-level cyber attack that took place near the end of 2019 against one of its clients.


Chief executive officer of ZecOps, Zuk Avraham said he has affirmation that the weakness in the Apple system has been exploited in at least six cybersecurity break-ins.


Apple was approached for confirmation in the regard and a spokesman corroborated the fact that has been pointed out by the security firm. They acknowledged the existence of the vulnerability in the Mail App which is Apple’s software for email on iPhones and iPads. They also stated that Apple has come up with a patch for the issue which is expected to be rolled out in an update in the near future on millions of devices it has sold worldwide.

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However, Apple has refrained from commenting on Avraham’s research which was published to viewers and that indicates that it is possible for hackers to externally activate the defect. They have also suggested that the flaw has already been exploited by hackers against high-profile users.


According to Avraham’s findings, there is evidence of the ascendancy of the shortcoming in Apple’s iOS mobile operating system by a hostile program that goes as far back as January 2018. He however was unable to determine who the hackers were.


The process that hackers were following, said Avraham, was sending an apparently blank email message through the Mail app that would then enforce a crash and reset.


The crash actually made data on a particular device such as photos and contact details and even confidential messages in some cases, admissible for hackers to poach remotely, This, said ZecOps, was possible for them even on iPhones that ran on the latest versions of iOS.


The vulnerability discovery has been termed “scary” by Bill Marczak, a security researcher with Citizen Lab, a Canada-based academic security research group. He said, “A lot of times, you can take comfort from the fact that hacking is preventable, with this bug, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a Ph.D. in cybersecurity, this will eat your lunch.”


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