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Delhi unlocking post lockdown: Know the details

How has covid cases dropped in Delhi? Learn more…

Tuesday, 1st June 2021

The country capital of Delhi had been under lockdown-like restrictions for 42 days in order to check the rapid spread of Covid-19. But now the city has initiated the procedure for lifting up of these curbs and bans from Monday. In this period of 6 weeks, the city of Delhi witnessed near about 5.5 lakh confirmed cases of covid and over 11, 000 deaths from covid-19, as per the stats provided through a health bulletin by the State government.


Complete lockdown was imposed on Delhi from April 19 onwards when the capital city experienced a massive surge in covid-19 cases over-burdening the health infrastructure, compelling the citizens to scramble for oxygen cylinders, beds and also for medicines such as Fabiflu and Remdesivir.


On the 19th of April, the sum total of the covid cases and covid-triggered deaths in the city was 877, 146 & 12, 361 respectively. On the 30th of May, a day prior to the partial softening of the restrictions began, the total number of confirmed cases as well as covid-triggered deaths were recorded at 1,425,592 & 24,151 respectively as per the information provided through health bulletins. During this particular time period 11, 790 deaths and 548, 446 covid cases were recorded in the country capital.

The situation became somewhat lenient for the authorities across the previous week of the month of May when the covid cases in the capital city fell below the mark of 1,000.. In the lockdown period, the capital city has also pulled down its testing positivity rate below the 2% mark. Ringing the caution bells among the concerned authorities and the citizens, the covid case positivity rate in the city of Delhi had increased to about 35% on the 26th of April; the everyday covid caseload also transcended the 28,000 mark that month.

As per the info provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), the covid case positivity rate must fall below at least 5% for the covid-19 infectious outbreak to be considered within control. Sending an alert message to the people, the police of Delhi said on this Sunday that Delhi’s situation is still quite precarious. To check the spread of the infection the police force will make sure that strict adherence to covid protocols and covid-appropriate behavior such as usage of frequent sanitizers, face masks, social distancing, no spitting on the public places, no intake of gutka, pan, liquor and tobacco at the place of work, staggering of the work hours, hygiene and screening.


In its bid to pull down the covid infection count in Delhi remarkably, Delhi enforced a more rigid lockdown under which the Metro services were called off and the wedding functions at the public venues prohibited.


Marriages in the National Capital of Delhi are taking place at homes as well as in courts and a maximum of 20 people are allowed at the function as per an order by Delhi Disaster Management Authority. (DDMA)


Service owners or providers of sound systems, marriage halls, banquets, hotels, catering, DJ must return the amount paid as an advance for the marriages at the time of lockdown or must agree on a date for wedding ceremonies, said an order from Delhi government.


Authorities including the police force, civic bodies, mandis and local administration were regarded responsible for making sure that covid-appropriate behavior is observed at the railway stations, fruit markets, bus terminals, wholesale veggie markets and other shops offering essential goods.


Delhi has experienced four distinct and remarkable waves of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to CM Arvind Kejriwal. The last wave in the city which was initiated in late-March 2021– coinciding with the country’s 2nd wave- was pretty severe and left the health infrastructure of Delhi totally overwhelmed

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