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VK Sasikala Indicates a Comeback into Active Politics and Gain Control of AIADMK

Sasikala hints at her coming back to politics…learn more…

Wednesday, 2nd June 2021

It is apparent from the words of former AIADMK member V K Sasikala that she intends to join back politics and even considering returning to her former party in a controlling position.

The erstwhile general secretary of AIADMK had announced she would step aside from active politics before the commencement of the assembly polls in Tamil Nadu in April this year.

However, recently the 66-year-old is reported to have told her supporters that they can soon expect a “good decision”. The sway, according to sources, came about when Sasikala started getting disenchanted with the party’s state of affairs with regular “infighting” that was leading it to decrepitude. By this, it is believed that she was alluding to the breach that was has been seen intensifying in recent times between senior party leaders Edappadi K Palaniswami and O Paneerselvam.

Sources have said that Sasikala has made a number of phone calls to leaders in key positions from her camp in the AIADMK and has been heard giving comfort and assurance to them of her imminent return to the opposition side.

She has been quoted from a fleeting leak of one of her conversations with a loyalist, “We will for sure streamline the party…certainly, I will come.”

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Former chief minister and deputy chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Palaniswami and Paneerselvam respectively, have been known to cross swords in recent times especially in their claim to the position of the Leader of Opposition in the assembly after DMK’s victory in the recent polls.

A former AIADMK leader has been quoted, “Panneerselvam who had the support of 11 MLAs during the merger in 2017 is now left with just one MLA and an MP, his own son P Raveendranath Kumar. This is what helped Palaniswami consolidate his power in the party,” and added, “We have to wait and see if people supporting Palaniswami would join the Sasikala camp even if they do not trust the leadership of Panneerselvam.”

Sasikala had been serving a four-year term in prison after being charged with a case of disproportionate assets and has been released recently.

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