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Vaccination Can't Be A Battle Among...": writes Naveen Patnaik To Other State to other state CMs

CM of Odisha writes to CMs of other states…get the details…

Thursday, 3rd June 2021

The most ideal way to "protect our people against future waves" of the Coronavirus is to procure the coronavirus vaccines centrally and also de-centralize the inoculation drive’s execution, stated Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik on this Wednesday. Through a letter written to the CM’s counterparts throughout the country, he spoke of the uncontrollable pandemic as one of greatest challenges experienced by the country since the struggle for freedom.

He advised that all the states should join hands to create a consensus on this particular matter as per the "true spirit of cooperative federalism" to protect lives as well as livelihoods.


"No state is safe unless all the states adopt vaccination as the top most priority and execute it on war-footing. But this cannot be a battle among the states to compete against each other to procure vaccines," Mr. Naveen Patnaik wrote in his letter, while referring to the 3rd phase of the vaccine policy of the Union government.

This newest version of the covid vaccination drive gives permission for vaccination against covid for all above the age of 18 years and to the private and state hospitals for procuring vaccine doses. Many states of the country have, since, floated the global tenders for supplying vaccines meant for people falling in the age bracket of 18-45 years.

"However, it is quite clear that the global vaccine manufacturers are looking forward to the Union Government for the clearances and assurances. They are unwilling to get into supply contract with the state governments. While the domestic vaccine manufacturers are having supply constraints and are not able to commit required supplies," said the CM of Odisha.

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"Under the circumstances, the best option available is for the Government of India to centrally procure the vaccines and distribute it among the States. At the same time, the execution of the vaccination programme has to be decentralised and states allowed the flexibility to determine their own mechanisms."

Mr. Naveen Patnaik's letter comes many days post Pinarayi Vijayan, the Kerala CM’s post written to 11 of the non-BJP counterparts he has, asking for a joint effort to compel the Central Government to procure maximum number of COVID vaccines and to ensure free of cost universal vaccination.

The Chief Minister of Odisha further made calls to few of those leaders to have a discussion on the issue. The message conveyed by the Odisha CM has reasoned already with a couple of them.

For example, Mamata Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal involved in a clash with the Central government, said today that she agrees with Mr. Patnaik and the other CMs with same kind of views.

"Centre must give the vaccines to the state and they must procure the vaccine for the state government. And they must give it free of cost to every state to cover the entire Indian population. On this myself, Naveen Patnaik, Kerala Chief Minister, and Arvind, everyone is together," said Ms Mamata Banerjee at a press meeting today.


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