Gas Leakage in Badlapur

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Gas leakage from Maharashtra’s Badlapur plant triggers panic among people

Gas leaks from a Maharashtra plant…Get the details…

Friday, 4th June 2021

Leakage of gas from a plant in Maharashtra’s Badlapur city falling within the district of Thane was reported to the media on this Thursday. There’s no news of any causality so far.


The leakage is said to have taken place around the time of 10:22 pm on this Thursday. As soon as the incident occurred it created lots of panic as residents in the neighborhood of that unit were facing breathing issues for a couple of hours, said an official on this Friday. News agency ANI published a video showing the incident where we can see high fumes leaping up into the air.


As per the Municipal Corporation of Thane, the leakage of gas was checked by the team of the fire brigade at about 11:24 pm on this Thursday and the matter is under control now.

"A gas leak from a factory in Maharashtra's Badlapur was reported at around 10:22 pm on Thursday. People in the area were having trouble breathing. The fire brigade stopped the leak at 11:24 pm. The situation is under control. No one was injured," ANI quoted the lines of an official from the Thane Municipal Corporation.

"...A chemical reaction due to the overheating of sulfuric acid and benzyl acid led to the incident," PTI quoted the lines of Santosh Kadam, chief of Regional Disaster Management Wing of the Thane Municipal Corporation.


"As a result, residents living in 3 km area around the factory complained of breathing problem and irritation in eyes for a few hours," he further said.


A local person said that the people residing nearby started getting breathing difficulties and later they came to know that a gas leakage has occurred in a plant.


"I, along with my other colleagues, was working in a nearby factory. Suddenly, we started having problems in breathing. Later, we got to know that there was a gas leak in a factory in the area," a local was quoted in this context.



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