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US Intel Reports on Alien Flying Objects in Space Inconclusive

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Tuesday, 8th June 2021

US reports about unidentified flying objects are likely to give no full and final evidence that they were alien spacecraft, much to the dismay of alien enthusiasts. However, officials from the task force are said to have been flummoxed by some UFO sightings.


According to anonymous sources privy to a classified US intelligence report on the existence of such seemingly highly advanced UFOs, is inconclusive.


Reports by the US media state that years of belief based on the detection of such enigmatic objects in space by military pilots have no backing of solid evidence by the country’s military and intelligence bodies. However, there is still some mystery lurking around the multiple incidents and phenomena that have been sighted and some of them even filmed by pilots, which does not warrant a complete ruling out of the existence of aliens.


The report by the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) Task Force that was ordered in 2020 is expected to be submitted to Congress by the end of this month. It is said that out of the 120 aerial sightings, incidents, and phenomena over a course of twenty years, most had nothing to do with undisclosed US military or government technology.


The subject of aliens and unspecified objects in space has intrigued millions across the globe for decades giving rise to several conspiracy theories too. In recent years, the fascination over aliens grew many folds mostly because of videos that show American pilots making exclamations at mysterious objects flying in space.


For instance, a recording that was made by the US Navy pilots of objects traveling at seeming hypersonic speeds, spinning and mysteriously vanishing, could never be explained.


There are also theories lurking around these objects that suggest that they are highly advanced surveillance and military technologies posted there by countries like China and Russia.


Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby told the media on Friday, “We take all incursions into our operating spaces seriously. It could potentially involve safety and or national security concerns.”


The media has mentioned that the primary report will be unclassified and made public, but an annex will remain classified. The report, as per them, “will offer no firm conclusions about what the objects... might be.”


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