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Remainder IPL Matches to be Played From September 19 in UAE

IPL Matches to continue in UAE from September 19th onwards…learn more… IPL Matches to continue in UAE from September 19th onwards…learn more…

Tuesday, 8th June 2021

The remaining matches from this season of the Indian Premier League are expected to go underway from September 19, a date set by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). The final match will be played on October 15.

The venue of all the remainder matches from the tournament will be in the UAE. The decision has been reached after rounds of positive discussions between the BCCI and Emirates Cricket Board (EC). For the second consecutive time, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah are set to play host to these matches. 

According to reports, the remaining matches have been agreed to be compressed into a time span of just 25 days. A BCCI official said, “The discussions went really well and with ECB already giving us the oral nod to host the event ahead of the BCCI SGM, it was about closing the deal over the last week. The first game after the season resumes will be held on September 19 while we will have the final on October 15. The BCCI was always keen on a 25-day window to finish the remaining matches.”

The BCCI is also getting into talks with star players of foreign nations so that they can resume playing for the tournament. Their availability in a very busy international cricket calendar as well as the logistics involved, are being taken into consideration.

The Official also said, “The discussions have started and we are keeping fingers crossed that the foreign players will be mostly available. If a couple of them do not manage to turn up, we shall then decide on the future course of action. But keeping fingers crossed for now and hoping to have an action-packed end to the IPL 2021 in UAE.”

With the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) saying that they will not allow their players to participate in the event, there is high probability that several franchises might miss having their overseas players on their teams.

The BCCI also said, “Yes, if we do end up missing some of the foreign stars, which is an area which would need some attention when it comes to picking replacements as the foreign players are also integral to the teams. Team balance can go for a toss, so keeping fingers crossed on that one.”

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