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China's Wandering Elephants Captivate Millions with Their 500 Km Trek

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Wednesday, 9th June 2021

A herd of wild elephants in southwest China was caught on camera while taking a breather from a 500-kilometer chaos march with damage of more than 1 million US dollars.

The country remains on guard after 15 elephants' epic walk through houses, barns and fields in Yunnan Province. The photo taken on Monday by the state broadcaster CCTV shows the herd, tired of their adventures, huddled in a forest on the outskirts of the provincial capital.

Kunming At one point in the shot, a calf moves on its back, trunk and feet stretched in the air, before it climbs onto a sleeping adult and nods off again. The adventures of the giant mammals have fascinated the nation with hundreds of millions.

The elephants were closely monitored by the authorities as they trudged through the lush landscape. More than 400 people have mobilized to ensure public safety, and dozens of drones are now tracking their every move.

Truck calls have lined the streets to keep the herd out of densely populated areas, including the more than eight million people who live in nearby Kunming. Leave corn or salt in their gardens as it may attract animals.

It has also evacuated the elephant trail residents and distributed more than two tons of food to the scavenger herd.

Experts aren't sure why the group first emigrated from their original habitat, a nature reserve in the province.


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