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Wednesday, 9th June 2021

It is amazing how many residents are claiming their right to private property and are ready to fight to the death for it. Behind this is the simple desire to give your babies a head start in life by offering them only the best. And full SPG protection.

I have seen tightly clad butterflies flee violently from a patch of lantana and was once challenged by a dragonfly whose hunting airspace I accidentally raided. The ants will defend their colonies (and their queen) to the death, and will even raid other colonies, killing adults and abducting larvae, which are then raised as slaves. Further up the food chain, I've seen the friendly, smiling gecko squirm without fear of an intruder while claiming the rights to a huge room wall drawing. Kick a swamp crocodile on the neck and prepare to be greeted by a roaring monster galloping towards you at 48 km / h. The birds are no less.

As the breeding season approaches, the gentlemen will put on plaster, choose a gently exposed perch and sing or dance, hoping the women will faint and other men will flinch. To show the ladies. Approach a place where a lapwing has laid its eggs and you will be subjected to a dive bomb attack accompanied by hysterical accusations: "Did you do it, did you do it? “Until you run away, embarrassed. Raptors who think you have hostile intentions towards their young will attack you like a kamikaze. There are some birds who use cunning to keep their rivals away.

Different males sing three different songs from three different locations in the same area to deter outsiders. "Friendly" vegetarians are no less so, and harem keepers are no less (sometimes they are both). Master Bull suspects (which he usually always is) that you have watched their voluptuous and bold women, they will attack and bite you without hesitation.

About their territories and their girls. Of the hooves, wildebeest, for example, don't declare territories because they are mostly nomads, but when it comes to courting the ladies, the knights will demarcate small temporary territories. Ales. I was once arrested in the Delhi mountain range when a battalion of rhesus macaques suddenly emerged from the bushes, roared blue murders and split into another group.

 He was defeated and fled screaming towards Rajpur Road as the "defenders" growled, showing their canines and sitting on their padded hind legs.Trapped in the crossfire, I didn't move a muscle until the dust settled properly. So it was nice to know that gorillas aren't particularly obsessed with territory; while the silverbacks defend their wives and babies to the death, they can roam free and mingle with other groups and families. The large carnivores - tigers and lions and others - are famous for their territory.


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Only visits from members of the opposite sex (especially if they wear perfume) are tolerated, even welcome, but two gentlemen or two ladies will fight each other to the bloody end if one intrudes into the other's area. Carnivorous mothers are known to keep their families safe and use different strategies: a future tiger mother searches different burrows and brings her babies from one to another if she suspects the current one is at risk.

Mothers passionately guard their nesting silk cocoons and even pull them out of the way if necessary. Mothers elephants will form a fortress around their babies, challenging all who come.Lionesses often leave the pack and wander into the thicket when they have their cubs and only take their babies to meet the family when they think they are old and strong enough. a villain who may have chased away the old man who had previously been his protector, knowing that the usurper would kill their babies to make his own. And as for us, when it comes to property and territory, as the late Begum of Awadh occupied in front of her 'palace', the Malcha Mahal in the Delhi mountain range: 'Intruders are under attack!


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