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Arvind Kejriwal Pleads PM Modi to not Stall Doorstep Ration Delivery Scheme

Arvind Kejriwal implores PM to allow the doorstep ration delivery scheme in Delhi…get the details

Wednesday, 9th June 2021

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal urged the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi to allow Delhi government to execute the doorstep ration delivery scheme.

In a letter, the Delhi CM wrote to PM Modi, he stated that the Delhi government is ready to implement any alterations in the doorstep ration delivery scheme that the Centre wants them to.

Kejriwal, on Sunday questioned the PM as to why the doorstep ration delivery scheme that was running in the state, was brought to a halt by the Centre and mentioned that in a larger national interest, it be allowed to resume.

He said that the scheme, if not implemented across the entire country in these times of Covid-19, will only lead to a rise in the number of infection as ration shops will act as “super-spreaders”. He added that he has always been there to back the prime minister in matters of national interest and hence in this case the prime minister “must support” him.

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The Delhi CM questioned the government, “If pizza, burgers, smartphones and clothes can be delivered at home, then why can't ration be delivered at their doorstep.” He said he was “deeply anguished" over Centre's rejection of the doorstep delivery of ration scheme and wanted to directly ask the Prime Minister why it was brought to a stop.

He also wrote, “All the governments, so far, have made the poor stand in queues for ration for the past seventy-five years, please ensure that they do not have to continue standing in queues for the next seventy years, else neither you nor I will be forgiven.”

On the other hand, the central government shrugged off Kejriwal’s claims as “baseless” and has said that its doorstep delivery scheme was never rejected.

As per Arvind Kejriwal, the scheme would have helped bring an end to the powerful ration mafia that exists in Delhi, which he had been fighting since his days when he worked in the Delhi slums some 17 years ago and had also been attacked several times during that period.

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