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Relativity Space Reveal Details of Terran R, Their 3D Printed Reusable Rocket

Relativity Space & 3D Printing...Get the details...

Thursday, 10th June 2021

Relativity Space is pushing the limits of 3D printing by coming up with rockets as the company reveals fresh details about its larger Terran R rocket, which could be an answer to the Falcon 9, SpaceX’s workhorse rocket.


The Long Beach, California company that was founded five years ago and grown rapidly ever since is all set to develop the first fully reusable 3D-printed rocket known as the Terran 1. Relativity Space’s first launch is expected to happen sometime towards the end of this year from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station Launch Complex-16.


The company’s CEO and co-founder Tim Ellis said, “We’re reinventing the underpinnings of not just building rockets, but the whole stack of how you actually design, develop, build and scale a company.”

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Ellis added, “3D-printing is actually an entirely new tech stack for aerospace that we really haven’t changed the paradigm of in the last 60 years – building products one at a time by hand with hundreds of thousands to millions of individual piece parts in a factory, full of fixed tooling and a very complicated supply chain.”


Over the past several years Relativity has been modernizing LC-16 for launch. They state the launchpad will also be home to the Terran R rocket.


Terran essentially signifies “of this Earth” and the materials used to 3D print the hardware can all be found on the home planet.


Relativity announced on Tuesday that they have received aid that will help the company start augment the production for Terran R, with a Series E equity funding of $650 million that they have managed to secure. Big names including celebrities Mark Cuban and Jared Leto is some of the funders.


Terran 1 is a small launch vehicle that has the ability to launch a small spacecraft of around 2,000 pounds into low-Earth orbit. As per Relativity, Terran R at over 44,000 pounds, will be capable of carrying payloads that weigh 20 times more.


The Terran R that will tower up to 216 feet, will be 3D printed as well as completely reusable. Each of its seven Aeon R engines produces about 302,000 pounds of thrust. The rocket’s fairing is 5 meters wide.


Relativity was founded with a larger goal of reaching the Red Planet and building a base there with material found on Mars.


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