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Thursday, 10th June 2021

All across the globe, there are several old mosques and churches that have stood the test of time. One common feature about these old sites of worship is the mind-blowing mosaic art. Though in the present times, this sort of mosaic art may seem quite archaic, they are in fact the highest of art forms. The mosaic art is crafted out of small chips of ceramic, tile, and more. As the chips are put together, artistic imageries are conjured up and that enhances the charm of these old worship halls. Here are some of the best examples of mosaic art from across the globe. Read below…


St. George's Church, Serbia

This old yet gorgeous church in the Topola town of Serbia is also differently referred to as the Oplenac Mausoleum. It is the mausoleum of the royal family of Serbia apart from being a church. The church exhibits intricate mosaic artwork scattered all across it. There are as many as 757 such artworks at the St. George’s Church.


Mayakovskaya Subway Station, Russia

The metro stations of Moscow are replete with fantastic artworks portraying the country’s history. The city houses a spacious, subway museum that would simply captivate your mind. Though this is not a church or mosque yet it is worthwhile to make a mention of it. At the Mayakovskaya Subway Station, there are as many as 34 mosaic works on the ceiling. Yet another noteworthy metro station is the Moscow metro station also referred to as Lenin Metro.

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Cattedrale di Monreale, Italy

This beautiful church is located in Italy’s Sicily. The church dates back to 1267. It presents beautiful mosaics crafted out of glass tesserae. The church walls feature two complete figure imageries- that of St. Peter & St. Paul. The walls also feature half a figure of Christ along with that of Mother Mary with child. King Louis IX, who had been the King of France was buried at this Cattedrale.


Shah Mosque, Iran

This is one of the many beautiful mosques of Iran. The mosque is located in Ishafan. It presents a 7-colored mosaic style that is spread across a major part of the mosque’s structure. The building of this mosque ended in the year 1629. It is a World Heritage Site recognized by UNESCO.


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