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Jharkhand Tops as State with Maximum Covid-19 Vaccine Wastage, West Bengal and Kerala in the Negative

Jharkhand has wasted maximum number of vaccines…get all relevant details…

Friday, 11th June 2021

While Kerala and West Bengal reported negative wastage of Covid-19 vaccines in the month of May, by contrast, Jharkhand recorded the maximum wastage of 33.95% according to government data.

As per the data, the states of West Bengal and Kerala saved 1.10 lakh and 1.61 lakh vaccine doses, respectively.

Jharkhand nodal officer for vaccination A Dodde said, “We have already raised the issue with the centre during several rounds of video-conferencing. The 33.95% wastage data is old one. The union ministry has given us permission to rectify the data on the portal.” He added, “The permission has been received by us only today and accordingly, we will rectify it as the wastage has come to 1.5%”.

According to Dodde, the process of correction is underway.

The National Health Mission Jharkhand reported that they administered almost 6 lakh new vaccine doses across the state within a short period of two weeks between May 26 and June 8.

The state government cited an increase in numbers and said the vaccine coverage in Jharkhand was 40.12 lakh doses on May 26 which increased to 46.07 lakh doses on June 8 morning.

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“Till 26th May, net vaccine availability at the state government was 42,07,128 doses, out of this 40,12,142 doses were administered whereas on June 8th, net vaccine availability was 46,76,990, out of this 46,07,189 doses were administered to the people.”

Data also reveals that till now, Kerala registered -6.37 per cent vaccine wastage and West Bengal registered -5.48 per cent of vaccine wastage. Other states in northern India like Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, have reported 7.08 per cent, 3.95 per cent, 3.91 per cent vaccine wastage.

Other states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh have, in and ascending order, reported 3.78, 3.63, 7.35 and 15.79 per cent of vaccine wastage, respectively.

A total of 790.6 lakh Covid-19 vaccine doses have been handed over to states and Union territories across the country last month. However, compared to May, there were more vaccinations done in April despite the Centre’s shift in vaccine policy wherein they opened the eligibility to all above the age of 18 years on May 1.

As per data, in April, a total of 898.7 lakh vaccine doses were administered, 902.2 lakh vaccinations were used with a closing balance of 80.8 lakh by the end of the month.

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