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Self-musings of Sushant Singh Rajput: All you need to know

SSR’s Self-musings…get the details

Monday, 14th June 2021

It’s been a year that Sushant Singh Rajput has passed away. His demise was both shocking and tragic. The fans of the actor have already showered the social media across the last couple of days recalling the stunning actor through thoughtful messages. A day prior to his first death anniversary, these are a few self-musings put together by the late SSR down the years. Now, what are self-musings? Read on to learn…


Sushant Singh Rajput wasn’t just a passionate fan of cinema but of astrophysics and astronomy too. Frequently, the late actor used to post a picture associated with the space on Facebook or on Twitter or just used to post his own picture along with few lines. Slowly but steadily, the self-musings of Sushant Singh Rajput became popular with his fans and they all began looking forward to such notes from the actor

In one of his self-musings, the late actor wrote, "Perhaps, the difference between what is miserable, and that, which is spectacular, lies in the leap of faith ...#selfmusing."

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 In fact, post the demise of Sushant Singh Rajput, the late actor’s team even started a 'self musings' site for the fans of the actor to drop their thoughts. The late SSR was motivated by a multitude of things. From sports and science to space and films, the self musings of Sushant were actually inspired by these things or by his many travel diaries.


Apart from having very strong taste for films, science and space, SSR was reportedly a bookworm too. He had as many as 125 books in his collection, including theoretical physics collection of 6-volumes. In one of the interviews, the actor said that all of the books in his collection were not just for research purpose for a movie but for his personal reading too.

He, being an avid book reader, spent his time reading books when he was not filming or was free. Interestingly, the late actor was supposed to act in a space-themed movie titled as Chanda Mama Door Ke. He was supposed to act in an astronaut’s role.

1 year has passed since the actor died. Today India is fondly remembering him…


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