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PM Modi Stressed on Cyberspace Promoting Democratic Values and Not Subverting Them at G7 Summit

‘Cyberspace’ focus from the PM...Get the details...

Monday, 14th June 2021

On Day 2 of the G7 Summit on Sunday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in two outreach sessions- ‘Building Back Together: Open Societies and Economies’ and ‘Building Back Greener: Climate and Nature’.

In the session on Open Societies and Economies, PM Modi stressed on the criticality of ensuring that cyberspace promotes democratic values.

In the session on open societies, where the Indian leader was invited to speak as the primary speaker, he reverberated the anxiety that has been expressed by various other world leaders over the amount of disinformation and cyber- attacks that open societies are exposed to.

The Prime Minister clearly stated that the need of the hour is to ensure the promotion of democratic values through cyberspace, rather than curbing them.

The ‘Open Societies Statement’ was embraced by the various leaders at the end of the session.

More details pertaining to his address at the G7 summit was released on Twitter by PM Modi where he wrote, “Democracy and freedom are part of India's civilizational ethos, and find expression in the vibrancy and diversity of India's society.”

The prime minister also participated in the session on climate change where he mentioned that there is an urgent need to work collectively on this aspect as, according to him, subjects as vast as planet’s atmosphere, biodiversity and oceans, cannot be dealt with in isolation.

He mentioned two big global initiatives adopted by India, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI) and the International Solar Alliance, and also said that India commits to have the country’s Railways achieve net-zero emissions by 2030. He said, countries need to have an integrated approach in tackling the issue of climate change, that would include, mitigation, adaptation, technology transfer, climate financing, equity, climate justice and lifestyle change.

P Harish, Additional Secretary (ER), MEA, said in the course of a media briefing on Sunday after the conclusion of the Summit, “The UK’s choice of inviting us as a Guest Country is well calibrated. Our shared values such as democracy, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, unwavering commitment to a rules-based international order and inherently open and transparent systems, make us natural partners with the G7 as we can synergize our strengths to better respond to global challenges.”

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