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Monday, 14th June 2021

Right now, the pandemic’s end seems far off. Gyms are closed still. Many have chosen home workouts as a way to stay healthier and fitter during these stay-at-home times. While such workouts can really be a good way to find some me-time and chill out, it comes with its own set of benefits and offers you the much-needed freedom and space to work out as per your own time and pace. However, even when you are working out from the comfort of your home, you must do it the right way. Somya Luhadia, an acclaimed Weight Management Specialist and a Nutritionist shares some effective home workout tips…learn more:

  • Luhadia says that to start with, one must focus on bodyweight workouts. Also, one must try to improvise regarding exercise equipment and try using simple goods easily available at home for the workouts. For instance, doing exercises against a couch or a chair by making use of towels instead of resistance bands or even ascending the stairs could give one a good start.
  • Skipping the rope is a full-body workout and helps you burn a substantial amount of calories and helps in strengthening bones.
  • Two more effective cardio exercises include squat jumps and burpees. These workouts can improve your body’s flexibility and can strengthen your leg and arm muscles.


Somya Luhadiya, who even trains people across the internet and lists out workout tips on a regular basis, further adds that the time spent on work-outs is an ideal way to practice effective self-care and bust one’s stress in these hard pandemic times. “With all the negativity around, that one hour, which you will dedicate to yourself will make things better. You have to make sure that you give at least one hour to Meditation, Yoga, or anything which keeps your body moving. When you are engaged in the exercise that makes you happy, happy hormones are released from your body, which makes negative things positive,” states Somya.

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At-home workouts might often push you to get de-motivated easily. You tend to move out of track every moment and in that case, working out at home may appear to be just like another task, states the expert.


To keep yourself motivated, here are few tips again:

  • Don’t just stick to any one workout style. Keep switching between workout styles such as Zumba, Weight-training, and Yoga.
  • Try to follow the e-training sessions and draw inspiration from funny workout videos online


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