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BJP's Efforts at Shrugging off Burden of Covid-19 Criticism- "Message of Positivity" Say Government Sources

BJP has risen to find out ways to flout all covid criticisms…get the details…

Tuesday, 15th June 2021

The Bharatiya Janata Party is all set to launch a series of activities to help the country rise out of the shackles of the second wave of Covid-19 that it has got entangled in.

In a bid to get back at all the criticisms flung at it by the Opposition that point at the unpreparedness of the party to deal with a crisis of this magnitude, BJP leader J P Nadda initiated the programme last month. It includes voluntary service across the entire country to promote Covid-19 vaccination, bring forth awareness and extend assistance to people affected with the disease.

The programme titled, "Seva Hi Sangathan", party workers are lending their hands on Nadda's behest and helping out with vaccination campaigns, relief programmes and training healthcare volunteers in rural areas.

The workers have also been instructed to talk to specific groups such as delivery men, auto rickshaw drivers, domestic helpers, newspaper distributors and gas cylinder delivery staff and motivate them to get vaccinated. These are specific groups of people in the 18-44 years age bracket, who have been singled out as those in the high risk category and are more likely to contract the disease.

Yet another group that has been set aside as critical comprise of the parents of children under the age of 12 years. This is an important step the government is adopting to avert a possible third wave that according to health experts, is primarily likely to affect children.

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According to the contents of a letter from Arun Singh, the party's National General Secretary that spelled out Nadda's instructions along with other areas of focus, "Organising blood donation camps and donating blood on requests should be taken up." Besides that, there must be arrangements made for etc.

The letter also states that volunteers must be assigned to "individual houses where either aged people are facing problems or all are infected. Tele medicine consultancy and medical help centres to attend to post COVID complications should also be taken up. Helping people affected with ensuring they get their insurance facility at the earliest (either health or life) should be looked into. Volunteers have to assist families in need."

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