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Amazon Explains How Using Robot Technology Will Help Them Build a Safer Workplace for their Human Personnel

Amazon makes use of robot to ensure workforce safety…learn more…

Tuesday, 15th June 2021

Amazon is all set with its team of warehouse robots who are being employed by the firm to improve workplace safety for its human workforce.

In a recent blog post, Amazon has introduced the newest members of its mechanical collection who go by the names of fuzzy Muppet characters, Bert and Ernie, Scooter, and Kermit.

Kevin Keck, worldwide director of advanced technology at Amazon, said in the blog posting, "We’re known for being passionate about innovating for customers, but being able to innovate with robotics for our employees is something that gives me an extra kick of motivation each day."

Keck added, "The innovation with a robot-like Ernie is interesting because while it doesn’t make the process go any faster, we’re optimistic, based on our testing, it can make our facilities safer for employees."

This new development has come about after a series of concerns raised against Amazon's workplace safety record.

According to a study published by a coalition of labor unions, workers in Amazon warehouses have been known to sustain 80 percent more grievous injuries than their counterparts in other non-Amazon warehouses.

A similar report was published by The Washington Post as well on the basis of a study of records from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos mentioned in his latest annual letter to shareholders, that they will "do a better job for our employees" and also stated that the company will invest over $300 million in workplace safety projects this year. He declared, "We are going to be Earth’s Best Employer and Earth’s Safest Place to Work."

Less than a week ago, Amazon also vowed to contribute $12 million in support of a five-year partnership with the National Safety Council. The project will focus on cutting down musculoskeletal disorders, which account for about 40% of the injuries at Amazon’s warehouses.

A large part of Amazon's investments on the subject of workplace safety revolves around research, development, and training. Their studies could soon help the company develop new strategies to bring down stress injuries.

According to Keck, "We are looking to identify relatively simple changes that can make a big impact, something as simple as changing the position of handles on totes may help lower the risk of injuries to our employees at a massive scale."


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