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Emma, a white rhino, was chosen from a herd of 23 rhinos, according to safari workers.

Emma, a white rhino, was chosen from a herd of 23 rhinos, according to safari workers.

Tuesday, 15th June 2021

Like many of us, Emma’s travel plans have been hampered by the coronavirus, but after months of delay, the white rhino has arrived in Japan to find love.

He defeated a group of competitors in the park to mate and breed. She was originally scheduled to relocate to Saitama Tobu Zoo in the suburbs of Tokyo in March, but due to the pandemic, her departure was delayed due to the coronavirus.

Suburbs of Tokyo. "Evening. June," Saitama Tobu Zoo said in a statement, "we slowly opened the container in front of her bedroom. Emma showed no signs of shyness and went straight into the bedroom," he added.

Rhino used the extra time in Taiwan to prepare to move, and the caregiver used Japanese words such as "come" and "no" to prepare a new home for him. A herd of 23 rhinos. "Emma was chosen for her gentle nature...Sean Wu, the park's chief veterinarian and animal manager, told AFP earlier this year.

He rarely fights with other rhinos or steals other people's food for several weeks. But he also had something more serious about meeting his first fan: 10-year-old Moran.

The zoo’s breeding program played a key role in restoring the southern white rhino herd. According to the conservation organization Save Rhino, there are currently approximately 19,000 wild individuals of this species in Southern Africa. They were almost completely wiped out in the last century, but they were restored due to conservation efforts. Their northern cousins ??are not so lucky.

There are only two left, both females. The species is functionally extinct. Leofoo Safari Park imported eight rhinos from Africa in 1979 and currently has the most successful breeding facility. It plans to have 23 animals in Asia.

Ching feeds on the horn markets in Asia, especially China and Vietnam.Horns are made only of keratin, which is the same material as nails and hair, but crooks mistakenly sell horns as an aphrodisiac or anticancer drug.


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