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Chirag Paswan Removed as LJP President Following Party Coup Led by Uncle

Chirag Paswan dropped from his post...Get the details

Wednesday, 16th June 2021

The national president for the Lok Janshakti Party Chirag Paswan on Tuesday got removed from his post as a result of a coup led by his uncle and LJP leader Pashupati Kumar Paras.

The position of National Working President has been temporarily filled by former MP and LJP leader Surajbhan Singh until a new candidate is elected. Singh will also be responsible for conducting the elections for the appointment of a national president for the party.

Chirag Paswan, apart from being national president, was also the leader of the LJP parliamentary party and Parliamentary Board chairman.

In the meantime, angry party workers took to the streets in Patna, Bihar. They got into agitations outside a party office where they smeared black ink on posters of 5 LJP leaders including Pashupati Kumar Paras, in support of Paswan.

The disgruntled Paswan took to social media to express his chagrin after getting evicted as the leader of his party by his uncle. He said, he had done his best to hold together a party founded by his father Ram Vilas Paswan and his family, however he failed. He compared the organization to a mother who must not be "betrayed".

Paswan also expressed gratitude towards those people who continue to keep faith in the organization and mentioned that it is the people who are keys in any democracy.

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Paras, the youngest brother of Paswan's father, had been written a letter a by his nephew some time back in which the latter mentioned his uncle's misery with regards to various party related issues including Paswan's rise to the position of party president. The letter was recently shared by Paswan.

Five of the six LJP Lok Sabha MPs came down in revolt to oust the party president and select Paras as the new leader. Paswan happens to be the sixth MP.

According to Paras, the members of the party were compelled to resort to this measure to rescue the party.

Paras said, "There are six MPs in our party. It was the desire of five MPs to save our party. So, I have not broken the party. I have saved it. Chirag Paswan is my nephew as well as the party's national president. I have no objection against him."

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