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Aamir Khan Comments on Lagaan & choosing social issue-based movies

Perfectionist of Bollywood speaks on his mantra of opting for films…get the details…

Wednesday, 16th June 2021

Across his illustrious and fulfilling career of more than 30 years, Aamir Khan has acquired for himself the title of having been the Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood film industry. He is actually known for his efforts in bridging the gap that lies between content cinema and commercial filmmaking. The actor has all the time tried to convey social messages through his various movies such as Taare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti, PK, Dangal and 3 Idiots to list out a few.

When asked whether he intently opts for scripts on the basis of the idea for spreading awareness, Aamir Khan said, “I don’t look for issue-based stories and my idea is to entertain people. When someone buys a ticket, he doesn’t come for a lesson in sociology or something else. For that, he can go to college. He comes to the theatre because he wants to get entertained.”


He added further, “My primary responsibility as an entertainer is to entertain. Yes, if I get a story that has something more to it, I would jump into it. Like Dangal, Lagaan, 3 Idiots, they all said something very important, but also entertained. I did a film like Delhi Belly because it was funny. It didn’t have any social message. I also like mad humor. There are different aspects to me as a human being and they reflect in the stories I pick. I don’t pick films based on social messages, but I always react as an audience.”

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The actor clearly points out that his choice of a film is, in most cases, based on a script’s merit. “I can’t predict the box-office, so, I always see the potential of that genre and then roughly decide on the financials. No one expected Taare Zameen Par to do the business that it ended up doing. We all expected it to do around 20 crores, so allotted that budget. But it ended up being the second biggest hit of the year,” the actor recalls and further adds, “I always follow the principle that no one should lose money on my films. We decided to make Taare Zameen Par on a budget of 20 crore because I didn’t want any person to lose money.”


The actor winds up his conversation recalling the times when the movie Lagaan (which completed its release’s 20 years today) was the chief contender to contest for the Oscars. He is satisfied regarding the fact that the movie found a place in the Oscar’s ‘Top 5’. “You all know my opinion on award ceremonies. I give little value to the Oscars because of the process that they follow and the fact that they give every film the opportunity of marketing. You get the window for increasing the audience. But at the end of the day, no award is bigger than the love from the audience, not even Oscars,” laughs the actor and further adds, “I feel you can’t compare two films. If Lagaan and Dangal were released in the same year, one would have won and the other would have lost. Does this mean they are bad films? No, it just means, a certain jury liked Lagaan and a certain jury liked Dangal. In sports, a team wins and the other one loses. But in films, its all subjective and you shouldn’t take this seriously.”  


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