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Thursday, 17th June 2021

Soft launch of Russian vaccine Sputnik V has been stretched to various parts of the country including major cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai among others.

The announcement was made by Dr Reddy's Laboratories that has joined hands with the Russian Direct Investment fund (RDIF) in the roll-out of the vaccine in India. The drug maker had initiated the soft launch of the two-dose vaccine in Hyderabad and has said that registration for the vaccine is not available on CoWin to common public yet. It will open once the official launch is through.

Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu MK Stalin announced a scheme aimed at helping children who lost both parents to Covid-19, Certificates of Rs 5 lakh in fixed deposits each in favour of five such orphaned children the state were handed out to the guardians of the children at the Secretariat.

A similar scheme was also devised for those children who lost one parent to the pandemic where an amount of Rs 3 lakh in fixed deposits were handed over to each of five such children.

New studies reveal that pregnant and postpartum women tend to get more severely affected by Covid-19 in the second wave than they did during the first wave, as fatalities have been seen to be higher in this category this year.

According to data by the ICMR symptomatic cases were up by 28.7% as opposed to 14.2% in the first wave. Case fatality rate was 5.7% during the second wave compared to 0.7% in the first wave. The data stresses on the criticality of getting pregnant and lactating women vaccinated at the earliest although the matter is still under discussion by the NTAGI.

The Supreme Court has bid that "under the prevailing pandemic" a minimum of fifty per cent of the judges should preside on alternate days so as to ensure "hearing is accorded to the person in distress."

Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan met with the PM on Wednesday to apprise him of the state's measures to check the spread of coronavirus and also their current preparations to face a potential third wave.

'Near home' vaccination centres will soon be available for the elderly and differently-abled to ease the process of vaccination for them, according to Minister of State for Social Justice and Empowerment Rattan Lal Kataria.

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