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The world's most renowned lion, dubbed 'Scarface' because of his prominent facial mark, has died at the age of 14 in Kenya.

Scarface, the tribe's legendary monarch, died tragically on June 11th

Friday, 18th June 2021

Conservationists are mourning the death of 'Scarface,' the world’s most famous lion known for his distinctive markings.

The pride's eldest member, the king of animals, died of natural causes at the age of 14 on Kenya's Maasai Mara reserve.

The beast starred in multiple documentaries, including BBC's Big Cats Diary, and was known for the stunning scar across his left eye and his gorgeous mane.

Between the Malaika and Ashnil camps, Scarface held a vast domain that is now up for grabs.

He and his three brothers, Morani, Sikio, and Hunter, used to share the region.

They led a pride of nine females, cubs, and a few of other younger males.

When he was four years old, he was involved in a territory raid with his brothers in 2012.

Scarface, on the other hand, beat the odds and lived an incredibly long life for a lion, according to conservationists.

Most male lions only reign as king of the pride for two to three years before being slain by rivals or weakened by battle wounds.

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Scarface, on the other hand, "stayed at the top" for considerably longer, according to wildlife photographer George Logan.

“He had this enormous mane, which is said to make lions more appealing to females.

With his odd appearance and enormous personality, he was fairly unusual and lasted at the top for a long time. Logan stated, "I would say he was the most famous lion in the world."

The lion had become increasingly weak and feeble in recent months and died quietly on June 11.

"At 1 pm local time [on Friday, June 11], Scarface exhaled his final breath," the Mara Predator Conservation Program said in a statement.

He died peacefully, without the presence of automobiles or hyenas. We were the sole car on the scene, and we stood by his side, hoping to bring him some relief.

"Another of Mara's great iconic guys has passed away. May his legend live on in perpetuity?"


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