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Planting Casuarina trees to save coastal areas from tides

1.5 lakh Casuarina to be planted in Alappuzha.

Friday, 18th June 2021

To protect the coastal area, the Department of Social Forestry of the Kerala Ministry of Forests and Wildlife will plant 150,000 casuarina trees in the area.

 K. Saji, Assistant Forest Protector (Social Forestry) in Alappuzha, said that the plantation activities will be related to "Vanamaholsavam" from 1 to 7 July.

"Our goal is to plant 150,000 seedlings on the 15 hectares of land between Arthunkal, Rompeolas, and Mararikulam. In the first phase, we will plant 75,000 seedlings during the" Vanamaholsavam "period. The rest of the seedlings will be planted within the designated time," George said.

Casuarina has been found to be an effective biological barrier that minimizes the impact of rough seas. "This may not be a permanent solution to sea attacks. The scheme, but planting casuarina can help protect the coast. Casuarina trees were planted in Punna Pura not long ago, which has proven to be effective in controlling the intensity of sea attacks. In addition to protecting the coastline, planting trees can also increase green coverage," George said. 4,444 officials declared that they would plant seedlings 50 meters from the sea. The land between the sea and the plantation site is considered to have important ecological significance, and sea turtles are using this land for nesting and other similar activities.

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"The seedlings will be planted with the help of relevant local agencies. In addition, they will hire workers from the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Program to take care of these factories," said an official. The seedlings necessary for the sowing campaign have been prepared in the nursery.

In addition to the 15 hectares, the social forestry department will plant another 12 hectares of casuarina in the area next year.

In May 2021, a maritime attack left traces of damage off the coast of Alappuzha. The strong waves dumped large amounts of seawater, mud, and debris on the houses between Thottappally and Aroor. Several days after the strong waves hit the coast, many houses were destroyed or damaged.


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