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Jim Mellon predicts that plant-based, cellular agriculture products will replace 50% of meat in ten years.

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Monday, 21st June 2021

According to Jim Mellon, a wealthy investor and author, the food production business will alter as early as 2030, with plant-based or cell ag (cellular agriculture) producing 50% of all meat consumed by humans on the earth over the next ten years. He claims that over the next decade, 50% of all seafood will be produced utilising cell aquaculture. Plant-based meats, particularly those made utilising the cell culture technology, are thought to imitate the texture and taste of real meat while being healthier due to their low saturated fat and calorie content. Experts are also urging people to minimise their consumption of animal meat in order to save the environment due to its huge carbon footprint.

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Mellon told the Vegconomist that the dairy sector will not be the same “as we know it” in ten years.

Because people cannot be asked to pay large amounts of money for something they consume on a daily basis, according to the author of Moo's Law: An Investor's Guide to the New Agrarian Revolution, the biotech industry is looking for "griddle parity" so that the price of food produced by it is cheaper or equivalent to traditionally farmed foods.


The term "grid parity" is a concept that aims to make the price of renewable energy like wind or solar equal to the price of fossil fuel-generated energy. It is most commonly used in the electricity-generation business. According to Mellon, the biotech industry is now developing processes that will enable plant-based foods to be priced similarly to conventionally produced crops.

“So we're on the verge of something big. We're in the early stages...of an industry that will radically transform,” he said, adding that the way animals are treated, meat is produced, and how we consume meat will all change.

“In terms of meat, I'm going to make a statement, which is not an outrageous prediction,” the British investor stated, indicating that within ten years, half of all meat consumed by humans will be plant-based or cell ag produced. He also anticipated that within ten years, cell aquaculture will produce more than 50% of all seafood, which is a very huge market.

Meat consumption is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases (GHGs), according to the UN Environment Agency, which has warned that “we will pay the environmental and human price—unless we make a shift now.”


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