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Fardeen Khan on Papa Feroz Khan: I miss him more than usual today, Father's Day- Exclusive!

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Monday, 21st June 2021

On Father's Day, ETimes spoke with Fardeen Khan as he continues to prepare for a comeback in Bollywood. "Dad was so honest, so loyal to himself," Fardeen remarked about Feroz Khan the last time we spoke with him while he was in Mumbai. He gave me a lot of advice, but if I had to choose one right now, it would be this: 'If you want to live a purposeful life, give it your all.' That will be in the back of my thoughts (during my return trip)."

When we reached out to him this afternoon, he had just finished online conversing with his own children. "Yes, I just finished celebrating Father's Day with my children over a video conference," Fardeen explained. Children are truly unique.

Only after being a parent can you completely appreciate the love that parents have for their children."

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Fardeen, keep going "On days like today, I miss my father even more than usual. I don't recall ever celebrating Father's Day with Khan Saab, now that I think about it. Back then, it wasn't a part of the cultural tradition. He would have adored the significance of this day, I'm sure. It's unique."


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