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Father's Day 2021: Here's a quick primer for new dads on how to care for their children.

Basic guide for new dads how to take care of babies…Learn More…

Monday, 21st June 2021

Happy Father's Day to you, whether you're a new dad or have been one for a while! Being a father is one of life's most thrilling and rewarding experiences, and today is a day dedicated to all the fathers and father figures who nurture, raise, and shape their children's personalities in significant ways.

While it is an exciting moment for new fathers, it is also a little intimidating, as taking care of a baby is something they may not have done before. As a result, scientists believe that fatherhood begins even before the birth of a child. You'll need to start thinking about how you're going to raise your child well before they arrive.

The most important responsibility for a father-to-be, according to Nishant Gupta, the founder of Gurugram-based Medharbour Hospital — who has nearly 11 years of experience in healthcare, including the management of maternity and infertility hospitals — is to provide psychological support to their wife. “Make sure she eats a well-balanced, nutritious diet during her pregnancy, as it is critical for both her and her baby's health.”

According to Gupta, the men would need to be psychologically and physically prepared once the baby arrives. “Learn how to change diapers, make baby food, and sterilise tools while simultaneously managing time at home despite a busy schedule. Most importantly, be aware of all of the baby's and mother's requirements.”

Sandeep Sinha, a Delhi-based father of a two-year-old, talks about how the first problem he faced was holding the child. “The first challenge I had as a new father was figuring out how to manage the infant because I had no experience holding a newborn. I suppose it occurred later, with a lot of difficulties. Many guys have a first-time ex, especially in our generation, which thrives on nuclear families.


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