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Tuesday, 22nd June 2021

Sunita Williams, a former American astronaut and naval officer, holds the records for the longest single spaceflight by a woman (195 days), the most spacewalks by a woman (seven), and the longest spacewalk time by a woman (50 hours and 40 minutes).

 Sunita Williams was born in Euclid, Ohio, to Deepak Pandya, an Indian American father, and Ursuline Bonnie Pandya, a Slovene American mother. Sunita is the youngest of three siblings, with a brother and sister older than her.

Sunita Williams was attracted by physical sciences since she was a child and wanted to pursue a career in this sector.

Sunita has always been a hard worker, and she earned a Bachelor's degree in Physical Science from the United States Naval Academy in 1987 and a Master's degree in Engineering Management from Florida Institute of Technology in 1995, all while keeping her hobbies and passions in mind.

Sunita was commissioned as an ensign in the United States Navy after graduating from the United States Naval Academy.

Sunita rose quickly through the ranks of the United States Navy, earning the title of ‘Basic Diving Officer' after a temporary assignment at the Naval Coastal System Command, and then being promoted to the position of Naval Aviator and Officer-in-Charge of an H-46 detachment sent to Miami for relief operations.

In 1993, Sunita trained at the United States Naval Test Pilot School and became a squadron Safety Officer and later, an instructor at the Rotary Wing Department of the Naval Test Pilot School.

Sunita flew over 30 different types of aircraft and recorded over 3,000 flying hours during her military tenure. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) chose Sunita for their astronaut programme after being impressed by her abilities and determination. Training to become an astronaut is no laughing matter; it needs patience, stamina, perseverance, and commitment, all of which Sunita possessed.

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She studied the International Space Station's systems and learned how to survive in the wilderness and with water. Sunita accomplished several amazing things throughout her space voyages.

Sunita's life has many lessons for us to learn. Sunita's life was anything but ordinary; her work as a navy officer and astronaut was demanding, yet she never gave up when the going got rough.

Today's youth are terrified of trying new things and putting their abilities to the test. How can we be aware of our talents unless we challenge ourselves? Those who are willing to try new things and are not afraid of obstacles and setbacks are more likely to succeed.

Sunita's name has been added to the list of most experienced spacewalkers in recognition of her outstanding achievements. The World Gujarati Society has given Sunita the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vishwa Pratibha Award, making her the first person of Indian heritage who is not an Indian citizen to receive the honour.

For her contributions to the advancement of technical and natural sciences, she has received the Padma Bhushan, the Navy Commendation Medal, and the Golden Order for Merits.

Sunita was awarded the Medal "For Merit in Space Exploration" in 2011 for her remarkable contribution to the growth of international collaboration in manned space travel.

Sunita Williams is an example to everyone, not just women. She has taught the world the value of dedication, hard effort, and tenacity.

When faced with adversity, we should remember the adage, "When the going gets rough, the tough get going." Life is full with difficulties and challenges, but with passion and dedication, we can overcome them all.


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