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Haryana, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand to Extend Lockdown- Few Exemptions

Lockdown extended in 3 states; Haryana, Tamil Nadu and Uttarakhand…learn more….

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021

Barring some relaxation, the state governments in Haryana, Uttarakhand and Tamil Nadu have announced an extension of lockdown measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Details of what is allowed to what is not are as below.


Lockdown has been extended for the seventh time now, until June 28.

  • Up to 50 guests can now attend weddings, cremations and funerals, from the previous 21, subject to Covid-appropriate behaviour.
  • Corporate offices can run at full capacity subject to regular sanitisation and Covid-appropriate behaviour.
  • Processions not allowed; swimming pools and spas to remain closed
  • All restaurants and bars can open with 50% seating capacity from 10am-10pm
  • All shops can operate from 9am-8pm
  • Malls can remain open from 10am-8pm


Lockdown to be extended for another week

  • restaurants, bars and hotels can open with 50% capacity till 10pm.
  • With a negative RT-PCR or Rapid antigen test report, pilgrims will be allowed to do the chardham yatra, to be opened in a phased manner. Locals can embark on the yatra from July 1 while people from the rest of the state, from July 11.
  • Groceries and general stores to remain closed only on weekends.
  • Other than offices connected with essential supplies, that will be allowed to open at full capacity, all other offices can open with 50% strength.

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Tamil Nadu

After 42 days of restrictions, some relaxation has been conceded by the local government in their lockdown measures for 27 districts. However, despite the ease, lockdown has been extended by a week.

  • Bus services, including both inter and intra district buses without air conditioning, to resume in 4 districts including the capital from Monday, albeit with 50% seat occupancy.
  • Commuters travelling by auto-rickshaws and taxis in Chennai and three other districts nearby, will no longer be required to carry an e-registration pass or any such prior approvals for travelling.
  • Metro rail services can resume with 50% capacity.
  • Places of worship and educational institutions to remain closed, although the latter can open for admissions related work.
  • Cinemas to remain closed but film shoots with a maximum of 100 staff is allowed
  • All construction activities to remain suspended.

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