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The Harlem Riots of 1943 were sparked by a police shooting of a black soldier.

Historical story of blacks, get more details.

Wednesday, 23rd June 2021

In 1943, the United States, which had been significantly involved in World War II's fight against Nazism and fascism, was simultaneously dealing with a serious domestic dispute. Segregation, prejudice, and economic hardship plagued black Americans across the country. Despite the fact that the fight for equality was largely concentrated in the Deep South, black people in the North also endured crippling racial persecution.

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In the decades preceding up to World War II, Harlem, a neighborhood known for its conclave of black artists and thinkers, had witnessed a major population upheaval. According to census data from 1910, black people made up 10% of the population of Central Harlem, while white people made up 90%. The numbers had reversed by 1940, as millions of black people had relocated from the South to the North in search of a better life.

The black population of Central Harlem increased to 89 percent, while the white population decreased to 10%. Despite the white exodus, the bulk of businesses in Harlem remained white-owned, and black Americans' housing and job prospects remained low.


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