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Watch: how Kiara Advani masters the spinning back kick.

Kiara Advani is setting MMA fitness goals…Learn More…

Thursday, 24th June 2021

Many people swear by their workout routines to keep them energised throughout the day. It also feels nice to get back into your workout routine after a break. When Kiara Advani returned to martial arts training after a year and a half away, she had a similar feeling.

With her trainer and celebrity coach Lalit Gurung, the MS Dhoni star was seen performing back kicks or spinning back kicks.

Here's why one of the most powerful kicks, spinning back, is a must-know technique.

To knock out the opponent, the back kick requires momentum and torque. However, as with any other technique, it must be properly practised with perfect posture.

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How to do it?


Mixed Martial Arts should only be practised under the supervision of a professional.


*In order to acquire momentum and move closer to the target, the practitioner must take a step forward.

*The practitioner must then turn or spin their body backward until they are facing directly away from the target, which means that if they have taken a step forward with their right foot, their body will spin counter clockwise.

*The practitioner must then continue to turn and stare behind them at the target.

* The practitioner must then kick with their knee lifted to their chest. The heel of the opponent's foot will be facing backwards.

*After hitting the target, the practitioner returns to the fighting/kicking stance to prepare for the next kick.


Spinning back kicks are used in a variety of martial arts, such as Taekwondo and Karate.


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