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Thursday, 24th June 2021

Reliance's 44th Annual Shareholders Meeting will be held on Thursday. We look forward to seeing some important announcements from this telecommunications giant at this event.


The most important is the launch schedule for 5G services in the country. Some telecom operators, including Jio, have obtained licenses from the Ministry of Telecommunications (DoT) to test 5G in India. Jio recently launched a 5G field test in Mumbai. The report shows that the hardware used in the Mumbai test was developed in-house. The trial will soon be extended to other cities, which leads us to think that the announcement may be published tomorrow.


In addition, Intel also talked about cooperating with Jio to develop 5G network technology. It will be interesting to see how this cooperation can benefit the deployment of 5G services in India. Now, let's talk about Jio 5G in detail. Jio 5G-What we know so far Jio pioneered 4G services in India. Even if the brand launches 5G services in the country, we would not be surprised if the brand is still in a leading position.


In December, the Reliance manager revealed that 5G services will launch in mid-2021, which is exactly in line with Reliance AGM 2021. In addition, Jio has also started 5G trials in Mumbai. According to a report published by Qualcomm, Jio 5G can reach a speed of 1 Gbps during the test period using local technology. This is now similar to the results achieved by Airtel in the 5G test conducted at the Gurgaon network center. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has allowed telecom operators to use the 700MHz, 3.5GHz, and 26GHz spectrum for 5G testing.


Jio used a mix of millimeters (sub6GHz) and medium wave test spectrum in the field test in Mumbai. The telecom giant mentioned that it has built a complete 5G solution internally from scratch. Additionally, you are committed to relying on local hardware and solutions for this purpose only. To the best of our knowledge, Reliance will also deploy sub6Hz and millimeter-wave networks in India. Both have their advantages: Although networks below 6 GHz offer longer ranges, millimeter waves provide faster Internet speeds at the expense of shorter ranges.


Reliance Jio is also preparing to test 5Gi in India, a technology jointly developed by IIT Madras and IIT Hyderabad. In addition, the brand has been cooperating with Qualcomm to develop a virtualized radio access network (RAN) to accelerate the rollout of 5G in India.


Jio has implemented 4G services in the country at a truly affordable price, which is one of the reasons for its extensive coverage in India. Now that the Jio 5G announcement is about to be released, we expect the telecom giant to follow suit. In other words, considering the hardware and infrastructure required for 4G services, it will not be as cheap as 4G services.


Although Airtel has also been testing 5G services in India, Jio is ready to take the lead in launching 5G services in the country. With Jio 5G, telecom operators are expected to launch affordable Jio Phone 5G and JioBook at tomorrow's event.


People interested in watching the live broadcast can watch jio's youtube channel at 2 pm ist.


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