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Do you know what Milind Soman's top ten fitness requirements are?

Milind Soman reflects on what fitness means to him…get full details…

Thursday, 24th June 2021

In the midst of the pandemic, we've all raised our exercise levels to stay healthy and immune to the virus. Many celebrities use social media to share efficient diet and training plans with their fans and following. As a result, Milind Soman, a well-known fitness enthusiast, recently discussed what exercise means to him.

Milind Soman, who had recovered from Covid-19 in the past, commented on Instagram that there is "so much conversation about fitness nowadays!" “Fitness has always meant more to me than six-pack abs and bulging biceps. The mind, which is the weakest component of most of us, is where fitness begins and ends, and the body follows where the mind goes. The option can lead to incredible heights, or it might lead to ruin.

Fitness may be assessed based on a variety of factors, he stated, adding, "and my own top ten are, in order of importance:"

*Patience with myself

*Tolerance for other people's opinions and beliefs *Acknowledgement of the natural world's workings and balance

*Improving my understanding of myself and others in order to foster positivity in all of my relationships.

*Pay attention to what has to be done.

*Thought and purpose clarity

*The ability to pick the path and objective that I believe is most beneficial to myself.


*The ability to prioritise the tasks that must be completed in order to reach any goal I set for myself.


*The ability to adjust to changing surroundings both mentally and physically.

*The ability to be and live my life in any way I want, even if it's simply hanging around.


“If I want to be fit for life, I need to put in consistent and regular effort to develop all of these abilities,” he said with a video showing himself hanging from a bar.

The 54-year-old is a proponent of maintaining a healthy and uncomplicated lifestyle. He also revealed what he eats throughout the day, from breakfast to dinner, due to popular demand. He's also been giving updates on his post-Covid practise sessions on a regular basis.


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