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Delta Plus Variant of the Virus: All you need to know

What is the virus’s new version all about? Get the details

Thursday, 24th June 2021

Viruses survive by mutating to their other versions. This is their usual and normal trend. SARS-CoV-2 also referred to as Sars-2 has mutated several times into several forms. The variant called Delta has been detected for the first time in India. It has been given the name of Delta by WHO. The variant has turned out to be a global concern currently. Research tells that the Delta variant of the virus is actually behind the pandemic’s second wave that India went through recently. But now the country has another new cause to worry; i.e. Delta Plus, another variant of the deadly virus.


What actually is Delta plus?

Delta-Plus is the next-gen version of Sars-2 coronavirus which is a mutant form of the virus’s Delta Version. The technical name of the Delta Plus version is B.1.617.2.1 or the AY.1.


While the virus’s Delta variant was discovered in our country for the first time, last year, the Delta Plus mutant variant came to be detected for the first time in Europe in the month of March this 2021 and is making the health authorities shudder.

Shahid Jameel, top virologist warned that this new variant Delta Plus may be powerful enough to defeat the power of antibodies, infection-induced immunity and vaccines.


Why is Delta Plus so very dangerous?

Delta Plus is believed to be more transmissible when compared to the virus’s Alpha variant which was detected in UK last year.


The Alpha version of the virus was believed to be about 43% to 90% more transmissible when compared to the pre-existing Sars-2 variants. Experts opined that the virus’s Delta version is about 40% more transmissible when compared to the previous Alpha version.

However, claims made by the MIT publication point out that the Delta Plus mutant variant’s transmission rate could be about 100% more when compared to that of Alpha.

Does Delta Plus Cause Different Symptoms?

According to researchers the new variant is likely to make patients far more ill and their condition is likely to deteriorate at a faster pace. Gavi Vaccine Alliance has presented their facts saying that those infected with the new variant are likely to suffer from headache, soar throat, runny nose and fever. Loss of smell and cough are likely to be less common infection symptoms.

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