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Kibber Village in Himachal Pradesh - Highest motorable village of the world

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Friday, 25th June 2021

Kibber, also known as Kyibar, sits high up in the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, 14,200 feet above sea level. It is known for several things: the monastery, the Kibe Wildlife Sanctuary, the highest post office in the world, and the destination with the highest motorized roads. Kibber is located near Chicham Bridge, the tallest man-made bridge in Asia. 


More highlights of Kibber

This beautiful town is nestled in the cold desert, with only scenic mountains, arid landscapes, and green meadows. There is an incredible river valley below Chicham Bridge, which is a feast for the eyes. Kibber's clean atmosphere and clear sky are a treat for stargazers and photographers. Kibber has Tibetan style houses, stone and adobe bricks. The livelihoods of the Kibes mainly depend on agriculture, textiles, animal husbandry and tourism.


Key points on exploring Kibber

Tourists can visit monasteries and temples, as well as the Kibe Wildlife Sanctuary near the village, where you can see animals living in the snow, such as red foxes, hares, goats, blue sheep, Himalayan wolf, Tibetan wild donkey, lynx, pika and snow leopard.


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How to get there?

Kibber Village can be reached from Kye Monastery or towns such as Komic, Hikkim and Langshu. Residents of these towns move to warm places in winter. It is 20 kilometers away from Kaza, and during the summer months there is a bus service connecting Kibber to the old town in the morning. Travellers to Spiti or Parang la usually make a short stop at Kibber. In addition, hikers who intend to reach the mountain. Kannamo can stop in this small town.


 Staying in Kibber

The village provides basic facilities such as electricity, post office, hospital, restaurants, and homestay for the convenience of tourists. Kibber provides camping facilities in summer. Hotels and homestays are offered to tourists at affordable prices. It serves homemade food, including Indian and Tibetan cuisine.


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