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In a Subway sandwich, there's no DNA from tuna? Food chains have also been the subject of debate in the past.

Is it true that restaurants always put the promised ingredient on the menu…get full details…

Friday, 25th June 2021

According to a lab research, the tuna fish utilised in Subway sandwiches does not contain tuna DNA.

Following a January lawsuit alleging that Subway did not use actual tuna fish, The New York Times commissioned the investigation. They tested "more than 60 inches worth of Subway tuna sandwiches" at a lab. According to a document obtained by The Independent, the lab discovered “no amplifiable tuna DNA” in the sample.

The sandwich chain issued a statement in response to the findings, alleging that the study was based on "unreliable methodology." “According to a recent New York Times investigation, DNA testing for identifying processed tuna is unreliable. This report backs up and reflects Subway's viewpoint on a frivolous lawsuit filed in California and on DNA testing business Insider paraphrased the announcement as saying, "a method to identify cooked proteins."

Subway responded, "DNA testing is just not a reliable means to identify denatured proteins, such as Subway's tuna, which was cooked before it was analysed."

Another investigation, led by Inside Edition, discovered indications of tuna DNA. Furthermore, the Seafood List lists 15 different varieties of tuna, but the New York Times only tested for five of them using a PCR test.

Is it true that restaurants always put the promised ingredient on the menu? Let's have a look:

Domino's Pizza with real cheese?

In 2018, a video — allegedly a BBC sting operation — raised doubts about Domino's India's usage of real cheese. However, further reports claimed that the video was a scam.

“After an internal investigation, BBC has certified to us officially that the stated video was never shot or aired by them,” claimed Jubilant FoodWorks, which owns the franchise for the pizza business in India.

Domino's pizzas, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, were said to include "highest grade 100% real mozzarella cheese made from real milk," according to the firm. “All of our ingredients, including cheese, Californian tomato pizza sauce, our veg and non-veg toppings, and fortified wheat flour, are of the highest quality and sourced from Food Safety Management System (FSMS) certified vendors,” it added.

In 2017, a controversial Amul ad recommended that consumers should eat real ice cream produced from milk rather than a frozen dessert manufactured from ‘vanaspati.' Following the campaign, Hindustan Lever, which owns Kwality Walls, filed a complaint with the Bombay High Court, claiming that the ad "disparaged frozen desserts."

Is there a difference between mayonnaise and mayo?

Unilever, the maker of ‘Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise,' sued Hampton Creek, the maker of ‘Just Mayo,' an egg-free spread, in 2014. Mayonnaise, according to the US Federal Food and Drug Administration, must contain a particular amount of vegetable oil, an acidifying component, and egg yolks.

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