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Monday, 28th June 2021

The functions between the Facebook platforms (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger) often overlap. WhatsApp seems to be launching an Instagram feature soon. According to a report by Whatsapp Beta Info, the instant messaging platform is testing the "waveform" in voice messages.


Whatsapp Beta Info tracks new and upcoming features in WhatsApp and detects features that are being tested. The waveform function has appeared on Instagram, and the user's voice waveform is displayed in real-time while the user is recording a voice message. Users can also choose to stop recording and listen to voice messages before sending them; this is not currently available.


This feature has been discovered in a future WhatsApp update, it is not clear what it is, so it is not yet open to the public. Whatsapp Beta Info noted that this feature is being developed in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android and iOS.


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WhatsApp recently launched a new voice messages feature that allows you to speed up the playback speed of voice messages. According to WhatsApp, with this feature, users can increase the playback speed of voice messages by 1, 1.5, or even 2 times. This feature has also begun to roll out in India, and many smartphones have been covered by the new WhatsApp update. Another highly anticipated feature of WhatsApp is multi-device support. In this way, users can install the application on up to four devices with registered accounts. According to Whatsapp Beta Info, although it does not mention that users will be able to connect another phone to their WhatsApp account, this is indeed the case, and "maybe updated in the future. After the multi-device feature is deployed and activated, all users A message will be sent to all devices with this account. In addition, all of the above operations, such as watching messages and archived chats, will also be synchronized on all devices.


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