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Around 70% of Australians are subject to Covid restrictions as a result of the Delta Variant Surge.

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Monday, 28th June 2021

After outbreaks of the highly contagious Delta variant across the country prompted a lockdown in Sydney and renewed restrictions elsewhere, Australia's COVID-19 response committee is holding an emergency meeting on Monday.

As officials deal with COVID-19 flare-ups in practically every state and territory, about 18 million Australians, or around 70% of the population, are presently under some type of lockdown or COVID-related restrictions.

"I believe we are approaching a new phase of this epidemic, with the more contagious Delta strain," federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said on Monday, adding that Australia is at a "critical juncture" in its fight against COVID-19.

According to Frydenberg, the country's chief medical officer will update the national security committee, which is chaired by Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

As officials try to contain the outbreaks, Sydney, Australia's most populated city, was put on lockdown for two weeks over the weekend, while Darwin, in the north, was shut down for two days.

Queensland officials restored required masks and limited house gatherings in numerous regions, including the state capital Brisbane, on Monday, after Western Australia officials' same action for the state capital Perth. Restrictions are still in effect in Melbourne, Victoria's state capital, and Canberra, the nation's capital.

Hundreds of passengers were issued a health notice over the weekend after an infected Virgin Australia cabin crew member worked on five different flights between Brisbane, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast.

Hundreds of locations around Sydney, New South Wales' state capital, have been added as virus-exposed locations, including cafes, shopping malls, and public transportation lines.

A fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) worker at a gold mine was found to have the Delta version of the virus after he had left the site, prompting the Darwin lockdown.

With slightly over 30,450 cases and 910 deaths, Australia has fared significantly better than many other industrialised countries in combating the spread of the coronavirus.

Around 70% of Australians are subject to Covid restrictions as a result of the Delta Variant Surge.

During a lockdown in Sydney, a person crosses an empty intersection.

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