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Two terrorists, including a top LeT commander were killed in a shootout in Parimpora Jammu & Kashmir.

Terrorist Killed In Encounter In J&K Day After Arrest…get the details…

Tuesday, 29th June 2021

Nadeem Abrar, a Pakistani terrorist and top commander of the Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), was killed in Maloora Parimpora on Tuesday morning in a confrontation with security forces. Abrar, who was involved in multiple deaths of security forces and civilians, was apprehended last night in a "huge success" for the cops.

According to a police spokesman, Abrar, who has been engaged in numerous killings, was apprehended during vehicle checks in Parimpora on Monday and placed under long-term interrogation.

“During interrogation, Abrar revealed that he had kept his AK-47 gun in a residence. One of his associates hiding inside the house opened fire on the party as they entered the house to grab the weapon. The foreign terrorist who fired from inside the house was neutralised in the ensuing firefight, and Abrar was slain as well. The site yielded two AK-47 firearms, according to IGP Kashmir Vijay kumar.

Terrorists carrying out an attack on roadways was mentioned specifically. He said that because of the seriousness of the information, a few joint checkpoints of the Jammu and Kashmir Police and the CRPF were set up along the highway.

"A car was halted on Parimpora naka (checkpoint) and their identities was inquired about. The passenger in the rear seat opened his backpack and pulled out a grenade. The police team jumped into action and snatched the passenger in the back seat. Both the driver and the passenger in the back seat were arrested by police.

"After removing his disguise, terrorist Abrar, a prominent LeT commander, was identified," the statement stated.

Abrar's possessions included a revolver and hand grenades, according to him.

After cordoning off the suspect's residence, Abrar was taken there to recover the weapon (AK 47 rifle), according to the spokesman, who said that the party was about to approach the house when one of his colleagues, a Pakistani terrorist hiding inside, fired at them.

Three CRPF soldiers were hurt in the initial round of fire, and Abrar, who was accompanying the search party, was also injured, according to the official.


He said that the force had been increased and that they had returned with heavy fire.

"The foreign terrorist who fired from inside the house was neutralised in the ensuing firefight, and Abrar was slain as well. The location yielded two AK-47 firearms as well as ammunition "Added he.


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