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Jaisalmer: The great Indian desert experience

Best desert experience. Learn more…

Tuesday, 29th June 2021

The image of Jaisalmer is attached to the vast desert forever. It will meet the dream of the desert of India. The first is a single sandcastle, a single sandcastle, by Satyajit Ray in the 1974 crime thriller, Sonar Kella or Golden Fort. Then there is a camel that forms the foundation of this amazing adventure. Between, there are other excellent trips and adventures that you never forget. 


The allure of Jaisalmer Fort

The charming scene is simply a mystery. You will be surprised that he knows that 3000 people live on the wall. The fortress was even a major city and was founded in advertising in 1155. It is the world's cultural heritage of UNESCO and its atmosphere reflects the traditional culture of Rajasthan. There are too many things to do here, there are safe bins. 


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The safari of a lifetime

Safari will have a dream of all deserts. Pass your work like Beastoue and look at the endless sand. In addition to your camel driving experience, you can make your camp here. There is a luxury tent and there is a tent that meets all budgets. You must spend the night here because of the type of experience you can find elsewhere. 


Desert National Park

This is a fascinating experience for a variety of reasons, located near the Desert National Park. Here you can find many Chinkaras called Indian Nutrition. The unique ecology of the Thar desert can be observed here and is certainly a curative treatment. In fact, there is a dune of sand in the park. It is also a great Indian mucus, severely threatened birds. 


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