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A Corrupt Man: Mamata Banerjee's New Attack on Governor

Mamata Banerjee accused Jagdeep Dhankhar for visiting North Bengal…get the details…

Tuesday, 29th June 2021

Mamata Banerjee raised corruption allegations for the first time today, adding a new wrinkle to the Governor vs. Chief Minister battle in Bengal.

The Chief Minister called Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar a "corrupt man," stating that he was charged in the 1996 Jain hawala case involving a dairy that implicated politicians who had taken payments.

"The name of this Governor was mentioned in the Jain Hawala case. However, they went to court and had it dismissed. There is a Public Interest Litigation (PIL). However, the PIL is still waiting. What exactly do you want to know? I regret to inform you that he is a corrupt individual. This is a man who is obsessed with corruption. Why does the Centre accept such a Governor? Take a look at the charge sheet to see if his name is on it." Mamata Banerjee made the announcement to reporters this afternoon.

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She further accused the Governor of making a political stunt by visiting North Bengal, stating that he solely met BJP MLAs and MPs.


"Why did he go to North Bengal all of a sudden? I'm sensing a plot to partition North Bengal "She slammed the door, ostensibly in response to BJP leaders' demands for separate states for North Bengal and Jangalmahal.

The Governor claimed he was "shocked" by Ms Banerjee's charges in a press conference following her.


"No charges have been filed against your Governor. Such a document does not exist. This is a far cry from the truth. This is blatantly false information. This is incorrect information. This was not what I expected from a seasoned politician "Mr. Dhankhar spoke to the press.

Since Mr Dhankhar, 70, gained office, Bengal's top two have been at odds virtually continuously in their three-year working relationship. Mr Dhankhar is accused by Ms Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress of being biassed and brazenly advancing the BJP government's agenda at the federal level.

The Governor chose to raise unrest in areas of Bengal after the verdict and reminded Ms Banerjee of her obligation to control peace and order in the state moments after she took office for the third time following a massive election victory in May.

The Chief Minister questioned today, "Why should the Governor dictate to an administration that gained a big mandate?"


Ms Banerjee claimed she had written the Centre multiple letters requesting Mr Dhankhar's removal.

"As required by the Constitution, I shall continue to meet with him, converse with him, and observe all courtesies... However, the union government should take action in response to my letters "she stated


She had previously stated that she had contacted Prime Minister Narendra Modi three times requesting that he be removed as Governor.

The latest spat could be related to the Governor's address to the legislature on July 2. The Governor stated that he had requested a meeting with her to examine the text of his message that the state government had provided to him.

The Governor is not obligated to read anything the government says in its address to the legislature. "Will I read anything they write in the address that is unconstitutional? Every address must follow constitutional parameters and limits "Mr Dhankhar stated, provoking yet another clash with the Bengal government.


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