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How safe are Covid-19 vaccinations for women who are pregnant? The government has issued new instructions.

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Tuesday, 29th June 2021

Covid-19 vaccinations are safe for pregnant women.

Covid-19 vaccines are safe for pregnant women, according to the government, and vaccination protects them from illness or disease caused by Covid-19. A vaccine, like any other treatment, can cause adverse effects, which are usually minor. She may experience a minor temperature, discomfort at the injection site, or feeling sick for 1-3 days after receiving the vaccine shot.

The vaccine's long-term side effects and safety for the foetus and child have yet to be determined. Pregnant women may have some of the following symptoms within 20 days of receiving the Covid-19 immunisation, which may necessitate prompt medical intervention, according to the ministry.

Covid-19 positive moms' recovery rate

According to the ministry, 90% of pregnant women who are infected with the virus recover without the need for hospitalisation, while a minority may have rapid health deterioration.

Pregnant women who are symptomatic appear to have a higher risk of serious illness and death. Pregnant women, like any other patients, will require hospitalisation if they get a serious illness. Pregnant women with existing medical issues, such as high blood pressure, obesity, or an age of more than 35 years, are at a higher risk of serious disease as a result of Covid-19, according to the study.

Newborns of Covid-19 positive moms' health

In some cases, Covid-19 infections in pregnancy can lead to a premature birth, where the baby's weight is less than 2.5kg and, in rare cases, death before birth, according to the study.

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Who is more likely to experience issues with Covid-19?

"Women over the age of 35, obese women, women with a pre-existing illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure, and women with a history of limb clotting are at a higher risk of experiencing problems following Covid-19 infection. If a woman has been exposed to Covid-19 during her pregnancy, she should be immunised as soon as possible after birth "According to the ministry.

Through-site vaccination center/registration on the Co-Win portal

All pregnant women should register on the Co-WIN portal or get enrolled on-site at the Covid-19 immunisation centre, according to the Union health ministry.


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