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Thursday, 1st July 2021

The user's Twitter service is shut down again. Although it is not completely inactive, many users are having trouble using this Microblogging site. According to the company's latest tweet, Twitter has acknowledged this problem and is working to resolve it.


According to Downdetector, thousands of Twitter users have encountered problems. Among them, 78% encountered problems when using the web version. Other users cannot use the mobile version of Twitter. The website shows that Android users have more problems than iOS devices.


Some users cannot delete tweets or re-view recent tweets. Many people also complained about not being able to check their schedule because the website repeatedly displayed an error message saying "Something went wrong, please try to reload."


We also received this message on the web and on the iOS version of Twitter, but The Android application works well for us. Some users reported that the Microblogging site displayed errors when viewing personal information or Twitter.


Some Twitter users cannot load replies or topics when viewing specific posts. However, the official status page of the social media platform says "Operational", which means that Twitter is working well and people have encountered some minor issues, which should be fixed as soon as possible.


The Downdetector's website shows that Twitter has problems starting at 9:33 PM Eastern Time Zone (EDT), which is 7:03 AM in India.


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