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PM To Ministers: Lead by Example Follow Covid Rules and Inspire People.

PM Narendra Modi on safety precautions and covid rules…get the details…

Thursday, 1st July 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi encouraged his Council of Ministers on Wednesday to set an example by fully adhering to COVID-19 safety guidelines. He advised the ministers to create an environment via their actions that encourages people to follow safety precautions and to not be afraid to be vaccinated.

PM Modi warned the ministers that the struggle against Covid is far from over, and that vaccination should be done on a war footing, according to news agency PTI.

PM Modi has instructed them to make certain that the projects for which they have laid the groundwork are completed and inaugurated on time.

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PM Modi solicited proposals from the Union Council of Ministers on how to accelerate economic growth in the post-pandemic phase.

He requested that they labour in "mission mode" in their separate ministries.

PM Modi has instructed his ministerial colleagues to equip themselves with facts and data to rebut claims made by the opposition, according to anonymous sources quoted by PTI.

VK Paul, a member of the government think tank NITI Aayog, gave a presentation on the epidemic during the nearly five-hour meeting.

PM Modi stated that people must be cautious in order to stop the virus from spreading, adding that an environment should be created in which everyone remains vigilant while carefully following Covid rules and getting vaccinated to prevent a third wave.

He instructed the ministers to visit their constituents wearing masks. Several "myths" were generated during the pandemic, and PM Modi told the ministers that they needed to be debunked, according to PTI.


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