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Sonam Kapoor recommends these homemade masks for healthy and radiant skin.

Sonam Kapoor Shared simple DIY masks…Know more…

Friday, 2nd July 2021

Sonam Kapoor shared some simple DIY tips to make skin smooth and moisturized Sonam Kapoor Support She's a series of vanity episodes on Instagram. This time, she shared some simple DIY facial masks she used for skin care.

"On days when I want to take care of my skin and don't want to go out, I do it myself! The secret of my moisturizing and nofuss mask now belongs to you," she wrote. The following are the homemade masks recommended by Sonam, which can do wonders for your skin: Kiss Mask is a blend of chickpea powder (besan), sandalwood powder, rose water, milk and turmeric. Apply it to the face. Let it dry and then gently cleanse your face.

"It's great. It's an antioxidant, a great scrub and face mask. It tightens everything, it hydrates everything, the lactic acid in milk works, and turmeric is an antiseptic," Sonan said. He said in the video. You can also add honey to the mask to further moisturize your skin, he added. Try these honey masks. Multani mitti mask Neerja actress said that she also uses multani mitti or green clay mask, which can help resolve "acne, impurities or (if) you have had a difficult night or attended a lot of parties.

"The best way is to really remove all impurities from the skin," he said. Sonam further shared that she also put a multani mitti mask on her back. "It actually cools my body. It also chills my stomach. "

Do you want to give these face masks a try?

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