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The government is ready to talk to farmers, but has not repealed the Farm Bill: Federal Minister of Agriculture.

Union Minister Narendra Singh Tomar on agricultural laws…get the details…

Friday, 2nd July 2021

Federal Agriculture Minister Narendra Singhtomar said Thursday that the three core agricultural laws will bring revolutionary changes in the lives of farmers and made it clear that the government is ready to hold talks with protesting farmers unless their request is required. repeal.

 He also stated that most of the country, most unions and farmers support these laws. His statement was issued on the second day of clashes between BJP workers and protesters against the farm law in Ghazipur, on the border of Uttar Pradesh in Delhi. Both parties were injured.

"We have told the Kisan Alliance that we are ready to discuss any of their proposals unless (these laws) are repealed," Tomar told reporters after opening a dormitory at an agricultural university here. The question he answered was that the agitator insisted on repealing the three laws.

 "The Farm Bill will bring revolutionary changes to the lives of farmers. They were introduced after 30 years of exercises conducted by agricultural experts," he said. The state government and the center have been working in this direction, so these agricultural reform bills emerged under the leadership of Prime Minister Narenda Modi , He added. "Most parts of the country, most unions, and most farmers support these bills.

The government had a series of dialogues with those who opposed them," he said. However, Tomar did not answer questions about the allegations that BJP workers arrived at the protest site with swords. Since November 2020, farmers have been camping at the Delhi border.

They demanded the Agricultural Trade and Trade (Promotion and Facilitation) Act 2020, the Farmers (Enabling and Protection) Price Guarantee Agreement and the 2020 Agricultural The Service Law and the repeal of the Basic Goods (Amendment) Law of 2020, and a new law was enacted to ensure the lowest support prices for crops.


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