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Navjot Sidhu is the chairman of the Punjab parliament? Gandhi formula sparks controversy.

Navjot Sidhu boss for Punjab congress…get full details…

Friday, 2nd July 2021

Navjot Singh Sidhu, the sullen leader of the Punjab State Congress, may divide the party chairmanship with another leader as part of a plan to resolve the fierce infighting that has endangered the party's state elections next year. Prime Minister Amarind Singh’s cabinet will also be reorganized soon..

But sources said that Rahul Gandhi has not yet approved the plan approved by his sister Pajaka Gandhi Vadra.

"Navjot Sidhu's meeting with Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi is a good sign and will help solve the problem. I think there will be a solution soon," Harish Rawat, head of the Punjab State Congress, told ANI.

 Although some congressional leaders predicted that Priyanka Gandhi would be the solver, sources said the party was divided on the benefits of Gandhi's role in solving the Punjab crisis.

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 Congressional leaders, especially Punjab leaders, believe that pacifying Navjot Sidhu may not be the best option. Some people even say that this will cost a heavy price to the party in Punjab, which will vote for a new government next year. Mr. Sidhu has been criticizing Punjab's Chief Minister Amarinder Singh in recent months. As his team claimed, he arrived in Delhi on Tuesday to meet with Gandhi.

But Rahul Gandhi denied meeting the politician, who was a cricketer, and raised questions. On Wednesday, Mr. Sidoo posted a photo with Payaka Gandhi on Twitter after a meeting that allegedly lasted three hours. Later in the evening, it was reported that he was also meeting with Rahul Gandhi.

ANI News Agency quoted a source as saying that this was a 45-minute "reconciliation meeting. The source also said that Pujakar Gandhi “takes the initiative and persuaded Rahul Gandhi” to meet with Sidu. reported that he went to Rahul Gandhi's house and met his brother, as well as his mother and the chairman of the Congress Sonia Gandhi. ANI said that Mr. Sidhu has been waiting for her return at her residence. Finally, Mr. Sidhu met with the Gandhi family and was seen as surpassing Amarinder Singh who visited Delhi last week but left without meeting anyone.

Amarinder Singh and Mr. Sidhu met with a three-person team set up by Sonia Gandhi to negotiate with the leaders of the Punjab Parliament and propose a solution. "He (Sidhu) believes that he is above any of us and has direct access to Gandhi," said one of the panelists. According to sources, the Gandhi family is seen as condoning a leader called “underperformer” by his superior (the chief minister), and the leader has insisted on leadership that the Punjab government suffered legal setbacks in 2015.

The cause of the desecration of the Sikh religious text Guru Granth Sahib and police shooting in protests related to it. Sidhu, a star congressional activist in the 2017 Punjab poll, became the minister of Amarind Singh’s government, but resigned two years later after his minister was demoted.

A source close to the Chief Minister said, "His ministry is lighter because he refuses to make important decisions. After a long period of silence and indifference towards party affairs, Mr. Sidhu has again attacked Amarinder Singh in recent months, which has become an issue that the party cannot ignore before the elections from Punjab.

According to sources, the party is divided over the roles of Rahul Gandhi and Payaka Gandhi in the Punjab crisis. Unlike Sonia Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi has experienced leaders like Ahmed Patel (who passed away last year) and Ambika Soni to deal with failures According to sources, neither brother and sister would deal with difficulties The specifics of the negotiation. "They should contact other people in Punjab, not just Sidhu. He is a burden, but they feel they cannot make people like him mercilessly embarrass the party in an election year," said a party leader.


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